Word On The Street

Trackers: A delicate balancing act between flexibility and consistency

by Aidan Clarke

Trackers and the balancing act between flexibility and consistency Tracking can be tricky. Our clients rarely say it or express it this way, but it’s obvious sometimes that they see …

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Online Community

What did you say? Four tricks for accessing human truths in online qual research

by Alex Culshaw

It’s an age-old problem, dressed in old-aged clothes, drinking an age-old wine (get the picture yet?!). ‘It’ being, how can we trust what research participants say? Group think, social desirability, …

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SEGMENTATION done right (how to do it and why bother )

Segmentation done right by Spark Market Research

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Optimise your NPD

Give your NPD the best chance of success

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7 Tips to improve Brand Strategy

Spark Brand Strategy Measurement

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How To Build A Sustainable Brand

The terms ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘green’ are terms used often by brands across sectors – but what do they stand for? What’s more – how can they help your reputation?   …

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