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Image of horizon taken from the ground, with a sphere in the foreground, to show the contrast between the idea the earth is flat and the earth is round, used as an explainer to show how we seek confirmation bias

Confirmation bias and your inner flat-Earther

You are a flat-Earther. You might not know it, but you are. It doesn’t matter that you believe the Earth is round. In fact, at this very moment you may be reading this screaming “The Earth is round! I’m not so antiquated in my worldview (no pun intended), that I …

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How to uncover consumers’ true motivations

In a world where we feel the need to post-rationalise every decision, action and purchase, it can be challenging to understand the true motivations and influences at play. This is true for both ourselves, and those around us. The subconscious is a powerful force, allowing our brains to filter through …

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Spark Spotlight – Health Insurance

Spark Spotlight – Health Insurance   The current playing field Covid 19 has impacted most sectors of business, but here the Spark team looks at one of those most directly affected – the Private Medical Insurance (PMI) sector. The prevalence and role of private healthcare differs enormously across markets, but …

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Will consumers feel safe after lockdown?

Will consumer feel safe after lockdown? Although restrictions may be slowly lifting, there is still a lot of work to do to convince consumers that they will be safe returning to their normal activities after lockdown. Our research shows that over half of Irish adults would feel unsafe returning to …

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The Future of Qual in our Changing Times

The Future of Qual in our Changing Times Admittedly I’ve always been a fan of being physically in a room with a group of total strangers, getting them to reveal their habits and opinions on any given subject. It’s challenging but fun. Online Qual was something we did from time …

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A Digital-Dodger Shares Her Thoughts On How It Might Actually Be Very Beneficial After All

A Digital-Dodger Shares Her Thoughts On How It Might Actually Be Very Beneficial After All   We’ve all heard it, we’ve probably all said it, and we’re all definitely guilty of it. Connected But Disconnected has been one of the biggest trends in recent years, “we’re more connected than ever …

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