Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall as your consumer uses your or your competitors’ brand?

Now you can with our insightful shopper behaviour product: Spark Life 360.

What is Spark Life 360?

A digital ethnographic community where we interact with our participants across their consumer journey, whether they’re at home, at the point of purchase, or somewhere in between.

With Spark Life 360 you can:

  • Bring your consumers to life
  • Understand how they speak about your brand
  • Become familiar with how they interact with your brand
  • Get a glimpse in to the lives of your consumers, from their kitchens to their wardrobes
  • Get real time responses
  • Gain a clearer understanding of how your brand messages are interpreted

Spark Life 360 is the consumer in your pocket. Through observation we reveal the human and consumer truths.

How does Spark Life 360 work?

  1. We invite participants to take part in fun, interactive activities over a set period.
  2. Spark Market Research collect tonnes of individual insight through media – video and text-based answers.
  3. This gives invaluable ‘in the moment’ experiences of your products and services.

What it looks like in action:

Do you manage an FMCG Brand? Great. Why not set a task where bunch of shoppers browse the store for your new product.

  • Can they find it?
  • Where do they look?
  • What do they look for?
  • What do they end up purchasing?

We’ve seen it all! From Boomerang products (you know the ones, the product that is picked up on one aisle before being dropped off on a random aisle around the corner) to secret products (“I only buy the branded washing up liquid” – cut to sink showing Aldi’s finest on display!).

Humans and shoppers are imperfect. Sometimes we forget and most times shopping isn’t at the top of our list of priorities. As a leading shopper insights agency, Spark Market Research have created a product that answers your most important questions.

Through observation we reveal the human and consumer truths.

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Walk in your consumers’ shoes

So, what are the big questions that need answering?

  • How is your brand perceived?
  • Why are sales down or up for a particular product?
  • How likely are you to succeed in a new target market?
  • What does your bullseye consumer say about you when with their friends?

We can specifically tailor every aspect of your research project to get you to the nub of the challenge – we work with you every step of the way to ensure you can achieve benefits like these:

1. Learn how to deliver customised experiences:

Consumers love to feel like they matter to the brands they care about. By learning more about your customers, you can better tailor their experiences.

2. Determine optimal product pricing:

The ideal product price is the exact amount customers are willing to pay, but it is hard to work out what is right. By finding out more about your customers, their values, and habits you can set product pricing that will deliver the highest returns.

Typically, this would involve a quantitative element with large sample sizes.

3. Expand into new markets, geographic or otherwise:

More accurate shopper behaviour insights impact a whole variety of areas, including sales performance. This can help you determine if there are new markets you can consider entering or any you should be leaving.

For instance, look at what Dove did when they moved the dial from an all-female deo brand to a male and female personal care brand. The lesson is to disrupt while you’re ahead!

We have a LOT of proprietary techniques that can tell you everything your consumer does daily – yes including what they eat for breakfast. However, sometimes the best thing to do is just to sit back and watch.

How it works:

If you are a teen brand, let’s say a brand like Vans. We could ask your target segments when they use your shoes and what occasions they suit best. Or we could observe as they go between the Converse for one set of friends and the Vans for another. Then we follow up.

It’s the best of both worlds. At Spark, we believe that by revealing the human truth we will deliver better insight. This then drives marketing strategy.

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How to use Spark Life 360

No app needed:
Spark Life 360 doesn’t need to be downloaded, and is compatible with every browser type. This means it appeals to even the most technophobic participant and we regularly receive feedback about how easy the platform is to use. 

Qualitative approach:
Each participant is guided through bespoke, discussion based activities. These can include aspects such as show and tell, video, audio and text based responses. This allows participants to give individual insights and for you to uncover ‘in the moment’ experiences. 

Device agnostic:
The platform can be run on almost any device. This means participants can use whichever is easiest for them, be it a phone, tablet or laptop. 

Personal client login:
Each participant has their own personal login which contributes to the individualised experience. They can also ask questions to the Spark team in case they need any assistance with any of the processes or tasks. 

Regular feedback and encouragement:
We ensure each participant receives regular feedback and encouragement. This ensures they stay engaged and stick to their deadlines, that they understand the tasks and are comfortable completing them. 


What techniques are involved?

The benefits of Spark Life 360 and shopper behaviour research 

Spark Life 360 can help you with all aspects of shopper behaviour including customer journey mapping and decision making processes. As an agency we have used our expertise to curate our digital ethnographic platform which can help your brand be the best it can be.

unconscious bias

Qualitative research really brings your consumers to life. It breathes life into their needs, behaviours, decision making processes and their reactions into companies and brands. Using these fresh perspectives you can solve problems, improve your value proposition and disrupt versus the other brands on the market.

Conjoint analysis is the process of measuring the value that customers place on different features of your product or service. It’s an incredibly powerful tool but can be difficult to use effectively, which is where we come in. Using our expertise we can help you generate precise insights into customer preferences and segment with greater precision. We help you model the full market. Think of it as being a bit like The Truman Show, but this time you get to direct!

quantitative research

Shopper behaviour research can further your understanding of the consumer decision journey. This helps you become part of the initial consideration set, and maximise your brands saliency.