A carefully planned and orchestrated market research survey removes procedural inconsistency and allows for the collection of the right data in an amount that either substantiates or disproves the validity of an idea, concept, or proposal.

It is an investment in time, effort, and finance that can pay big dividends by defining progressive and creative ways forward for any business wishing to evolve and improve. It can also help to avoid making costly mistakes in your marketing strategy.

“It’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

— Douglas Warner III, Former CEO, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co


Spark and Market Survey Services

As a market survey agency, We have extensive experience in developing innovative approaches to survey panels as part of our award-winning consumer research and insight service. We provide our clients with market assessment and consumer insights that helps them to identify and adapt to changes in existing markets and gain footholds in new markets.

If traditional survey methods are the best way forward, then we would have no hesitation in putting them to good use. But there are times when something just that bit different will help to squeeze every last little drop of marketing juice out of a market survey.

This is where the expertise and creativity of Spark can work hand in hand with you to produce not just effective, but also engaging market research concepts.

not another survey

Oh No, Not Another Survey!

A great way to while away some spare time when conducting on-the-spot surveys in a pedestrian area, is to see how far people are willing to walk around you to avoid you. The truth is most people don’t actively rush in to take a survey. And if they do, we don’t really want to talk to them – that’s just a bit weird. If this is true out on the street, then it can be true when people receive a survey online, on their phone, or through their email.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that marketing surveys are an incredibly flexible and convenient way to obtain feedback from 100s if not 1000s of people, obtain masses of valuable data, and shape marketing strategies that really work.

Our job is not just to design an effective survey, but to find creative ways that first of all inspire people to engage with it, and just as important, complete the survey without abandoning it.

This is why questionnaire design in market research is so important and why turning to a specialist marketing insights company like Spark gives you the best chance of getting the right results.

Spark Market Research Products

Our methodologies are perfect for gaining a deeper understanding of your brand positioning, help create new products or understand the psyche of your customer base. Surveys features in the following Spark products:

Designing an Engaging Consumer Insight Survey

So, with our market research survey, we are aiming for a questionnaire format that is fun and engaging.

By its very nature, a questionnaire is not much more than a series of ….. questions. But how you put those questions across can make the difference between a useful completed survey and a useless abandoned survey.

Presenting your Questions and Making Them Engaging

When designing a questionnaire there are two types of results you can aim to collect. They are not exclusive, and many market research surveys will collect both types. We also have a few tips and tricks that will improve the completion rate of a questionnaire.

This is why questionnaire design in market research is so important and why turning to a specialist marketing insights company like Spark gives you the best chance of getting the right results. If you’re using Survey Monkey, please stop – it’s a false economy.

short questions
research tracking

Keep Them Short

This is where the groundwork proves invaluable. Filtering the information, you are trying to obtain down without compromising your objectives is an art form in itself. Intense focus on your target demographic or even a particular niche within it can pay dividends. One of the main reasons surveys get abandoned is something called survey fatigue. Long stuffy surveys bring on survey fatigue and leaves your audience reluctant to complete them. We spend time to create engaging surveys people want to complete.

friendly language

Use Friendly Language

Wherever possible, staying away from formal language and adopting a conversational tone when framing both your questions and the answer choices, keeps the respondent engaged. Stay away from marketing buzzwords that sound trite to a ‘normal’ person. FMCG? Sorry – you what now?

As an example of a small wording change that injects a little interest into a questionnaire, take the yes/no answer. Are yes / no answers boring? HELL Yes! / OMG No! May make sense for Gen Zs for instance?

data and statistics

Data and Statistics

You can often present the question in a format that is easy to respond to. Yes / No answers, multiple-choice questions with checkboxes and drop-down lists can all make life easier for the respondent. The flow of the survey is all built into our software, so the participant has an easy path through the survey. Again, preparation is vital.

open ended questions


These require a little more in the way of input from the participant but often offer more insight into the way people think. The normal method would be to give the participant a text box where they write an answer in their own words as opposed to choosing from pre-set answers you have given them. Open questions that allow for expression are the key here. Once we have the answers, we post code them back in the office to make sense of them for you, the client.

Work That Works

Research shouldn’t be boring. We believe that fun breeds creativity, which in turn, delivers better results. And that’s why collaboration is core to Spark projects. We work in partnership with our clients, creating the insight which turns customer understanding into strategy.