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Dear 17 year old Me

I found an old work badge recently and it made me pause and reflect on the 20+ year career I’ve had between then and now. It made me think of all of the life and career lessons I’ve faced along the way, and what advice I would have given to...

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Here, There and Everywhere – seeing music in research

Every couple of years in music as in research, new genres and techniques emerge as the next big thing. They generate a lot of interest and have their champions. Over time they find their niche – some specialists have good careers out of it while the mainstream also finds ways...

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Researching Mum

Researching Mum This is not something new or radical, Mums do it every day and dads after 2 weeks or less. For me, I had nine amazing months off with my Daughter Ciara and one month ago, I started back to work. Looking Back The time off was amazing, but …

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Let’s talk about Segs baby!

Some ladies may remember our first taste of segmentation tools as being the “Which sex and the city character are you?” While we all wanted to be Carrie, most of us ended up as Charlotte, or shockingly as Samantha!

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