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The Sparklers 2021 Awards

What a year it’s been so far! We’ve weathered the storm and thankfully, we’re all moving into a post-Covid world. While new recommendations and sanctions are in place, and we face new challenges, we’re delighted to see that our clients are thriving – and we’re lucky enough to be a …

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Why 2021 is The Year of “Brand Purpose”

Why 2021 is the year of “Brand Purpose” If 2020 was a Harry Potter character, it would be Dolores Umbridge. Cruel, stubborn and very punchable, no-one is going to want 2020 back around their house for tea anytime soon. It’s against this nasty backdrop that consumers start to emerge from …

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How Contagious Is Your Innovation?

“Could I interest you in everything All of the time A bit of everything Apathy’s a tragedy And boredom is a crime” The line from comic Bo Burnham’s song ‘Welcome to the Internet’ aptly describes the challenge brands are up against in grabbing the consumers attention. How can your innovation …

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Is Demographic-Based Marketing Alienating Your Customers?

Marketing to a certain demographic, be it gender, age or socio-economic group, is commonplace when choosing a target audience. But does this miss a trick? Can we really assume we “know” what a consumer wants from our brand based off the fact they are a 25-year-old male? It certainly seems …

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Everyday Sustainability – The Secret Is Out!

Everyday sustainability is about what we do day-to-day to be sustainable. We hear a lot of talk about ‘being’ sustainable, consumers and companies alike. But what are they both doing that makes them sustainable? At Spark, working with clients from many different sectors, we often we find ourselves joining the …

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Creativity – An Insight-Out Process

Don Draper said a lot of stuff, Mad Men ran for 7 Seasons and 92 Episodes, so as the lead character you’d imagine the man had quite a few lines to say. One line in particular has been quoted time and again, in the pilot episode when he is pitching …

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