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Yes, We’re Open

Covid-19: Spark team will be working remotely over the next few weeks. We’re minimising disruption to projects via use of qual and quant research technology to maintain close – but safe – contact with clients and participants. You can reach us on HELLO@SPARKMR.COM with any questions or queries. Stay safe everyone! …

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5 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom

5 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom… And My Plan For Doing It All Over Again   There is a little joke in Spark HQ, that posts on social media about babies and dogs get the most likes! Well, when my turn to write the company blog post coincided …

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Voting – Reimagining Our Preferences

It’s General Election time again in Ireland, and this of course brings into the public sphere a whole different terminology and analysis. In particular, the PR (Proportional Representation) system throws up rich scenarios for those of us fascinated by such things – how will votes be transferred, how will the...

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The Everydayness of Sustainability

One of my passions in the last decade of my life, is now neatly summarised in the word ‘sustainability’ though I haven’t called it that. Now my personal and work lives are merging. The world I work in is becoming more passionate about this topic too. In short, we are...

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