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Everyday Sustainability – The Secret Is Out!

Everyday sustainability is about what we do day-to-day to be sustainable. We hear a lot of talk about ‘being’ sustainable, consumers and companies alike. But what are they both doing that makes them sustainable? At Spark, working with clients from many different sectors, we often we find ourselves joining the …

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Creativity – An Insight-Out Process

Don Draper said a lot of stuff, Mad Men ran for 7 Seasons and 92 Episodes, so as the lead character you’d imagine the man had quite a few lines to say. One line in particular has been quoted time and again, in the pilot episode when he is pitching …

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The Shopper Revolution is Here

Are you ready? When we talk revolution, there are numerous images throughout history that come to mind; the fall of the Berlin wall, the execution of the Romanovs, Che Guevara in his signature star-embellished beret. Ink drying on a sales contract is likely not one of these but in the …

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Visual storytelling

Let’s get visual “A good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more.” – Alexander Isley, Graphic Designer and Educator Communicating complex ideas effectively, whilst keeping the audience’s attention can be difficult, but what if I told you that you can achieve it by utilising visual thinking tools? Tools that help you …

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How to improve your online content

The magic of good copy and understanding your audience At some stage in our online, news-feed centred lives we have landed on a website with a glaringly obvious spelling or grammar mistake. Maybe there is an apostrophe in the wrong place, a word out of sync or maybe the sentences …

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Christmas has come early

Christmas has come early Almost 75% of consumers will have started their Christmas shopping by the end of October We can all say that 2020 has been far from ‘the norm’, and it’s likely that Christmas will continue the trend. Our usual Christmas traditions will be modified to meet the …

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