We are a research and insights agency with offices in Leeds, London and Dublin, working with clients all over the world. Simply put, we answer questions and help our clients solve their brand and marketing challenges.

We love a good strategic challenge and pride ourselves on always staying fresh and ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and thinking – and we have fun doing it!

Popular Products

Tracking your brand’s credibility from a sustainability point of view, creating a unique S-Factor score that enables you to track and compare your brand against your competitors.

Live digital communities that engage participants, with set tasks and discussion boards set across a certain time period. Participants can share thoughts, opinions, video and imagery.

Brand and comms tracking to measure appeal, awareness and attitudes, offering a flexi option to keep the tracker fresh, relevant and aligned to current marketing strategies.

Glow helps companies who want to find the winning concept(s) to grow their brands by a unique method of measuring appeal and the likely level of social contagion.

Clan helps companies who want to segment their audience by offering a full segmentation programme from discovering truly differentiated segments through to activation and implementation in the business.

IDEA helps companies who want to identify the best product and service propositions or stretch their brand / product line for their customers by evaluating and measuring ideas via a tried and tested Qualitative and Quantitative process, maximising their potential for success.


Let’s Be Honest

To be truth-tellers; our job is to tell you like it is, acting as the voice of the consumer.
We are big fan of the ‘so what’ factor and cutting to the chase to tell you what you need to know.


We find better ways to do things –
every day is a school day


We always care and strive to always be good company


We spend your money as
if it’s our own


We work together to get the best results for our clients


We believe in our experience and what we share is right


We tackle every challenge creatively – it’s what sets us apart

Sector Experience

Our work spans sectors that we know well, meaning we reach the right people,
ask the right questions and identify the insights that really matter.

We work hard to tap into the mindsets of consumers when it comes to planning and booking, and how best to influence at all the steps throughout the decision-making process.

Competition is heating up in the financial industry with the recovery from recession, the arrival of challenger banks and FinTechs changing the game as we know it.

We cut to the chase in delivering clear brand and category actions which will make a real impact on the bottom line.

While a rewarding field to be a part of, it can often be tough given the sensitive subject matter. We talk to everyone involved in the chain – medical professionals, hospital CEOs and the patients and families themselves.

Whether it’s a department store, corner shop or supermarket, chances are there’s a Sparky in there right now walking the aisles with a shopper. Sometimes these accompanied shops are combined with more in-depth work or brought to life with a splash of technology.

We use research to support clients in the development of new and compelling customer product propositions, segment customer bases and markets, brand and communications development and pricing strategies.


We have the right balance of research specialisms, coupled with a lot of client-side experience, allowing us to think differently about every single project we work on. This is what drives the creativity in our techniques and how we bring the findings to life for our clients.