Quantitative and qualitative market research are the yin and yang of research techniques Quantitative research provides the hard data, the measurement and qualitative research adds the human motivational element to explain that data; the why.

As one of the leading qualitative research companies, at Spark our unique blend of qualitative market research services has won awards and accolades right across the UK, as well as attracting many major brands like Tesco, Amazon and Unilever.


What is Qualitative Market Research?

Qualitative market research helps you understand why your statistics tell you what they do.

As a marketing concept, understanding why people don’t do something is equally as important as understanding why they do. If you think of numbers and statistics in terms of a painting, the numbers represent the outline and then qualitative market research begins to add rich colour to the picture.

It is an immersive technique used by qualitative market research companies that involves observing, documenting, and questioning people and attempting to find out why they do what they do.

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The Benefits of Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative market research is a very fluid and adaptable form that provides many benefits:

  • In-depth exploration of attitudes and behaviour.
  • Encourages a more open discussion and exchange of ideas.
  • Offers the flexibility to change course.
  • Springboards innovation, new ideas, and new approaches.
  • Provides opportunities to think laterally and blur the lines between quantitative and qualitative research to produce a hybrid market research strategy.

Spark Market Research Products

Our methodologies are perfect for gaining a deeper understanding of your brand positioning, help create new products or understand the psyche of your customer base. Qualitative research features in the following Spark products:

Qualitative Market Research Techniques

The field of qualitative market research is filled with endless possibilities. It fits in well with our philosophy that research doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be boring. At Spark we believe that engaging techniques breed creativity, which in turn deliver fantastic results for our clients.

If there is a better or more cost-effective way of doing things that doesn’t compromise on results, you can rely on us to find it.

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Focus Groups

Bring our researchers into direct contact with consumers. Being part of a group often gives people the confidence to speak out with more honesty than they might in a one-to-one situation. A productive focus group provides an opportunity to represent the potential target market and how they may react to new stimulus such as a product launch.


Researchers can begin to understand how to design a much more far-reaching and encompassing marketing campaigns that taps a rich vein of new business opportunities.

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In-depth Interviews

Depth interviews allow us to capture more detailed data for how people behave and think. We want the conversation to flow and allow for change of directions. This is a fluid process where shifts in direction are encouraged, rather than a formal interview.


The interviewer uses open-ended questions to listen rather than be a questioner. Questions are desigion to promote lateral discussion and expand horizons, this is useful for sensitive topics.

in depth interview


This is an observational technique, where we understand how people are using products and services in their normal routines. This can be in their home environment or their interactions with other people and the wider world around them.


We love ethnographic projects, it has allowed us to speak with a variety of people from Gen Zs in Jamaica to Graffiti artists in LA. Think of Ethnography as the Fly on the wall research.

Work That Works

Research shouldn’t be boring. We believe that fun breeds creativity, which in turn, delivers better results. And that’s why collaboration is core to Spark projects. We work in partnership with our clients, creating the insight which turns customer understanding into strategy.