What is Spark Glow?

Its Contagious!

As a strategy research agency we often hear the stat “over 90% of new products fail”. People profess it either as a defence mechanism – or in the same way some others might say “we only use 10% of our brain”(this is a myth by the way).

Should we not be questioning this New product Development (NPD) failure rate?

At Spark, we don’t think it’s good enough. We love working on NPD and developing new concepts and thankfully some of the biggest businesses in the world trust us to do just that. Our solution is called Spark Glow.

It is designed to be the best in customer insight marketing and  to deliver brilliant, market leading, social contagious concepts.

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How does Spark Glow work

Spark recognised from clients and other research agencies that the approach to New Product Development was:

  • Sterile
  • Too Scientific
  • Un-robust approach to the process
  • Unreliable
  • Unrepresentative

Spark Glow was developed to be the crossroads of the Art and Science of New Product Development.

Our Unique Evaluator Model

Developed by our experts, allows you to identify winning concepts. Depending on the concept we are looking at we will review it according to the category’s dominant decision factors as well as the more pervasive demographic decision factors.

We evaluate:

  • Concept Potential
  • Market Potential
  • Social Contagion potential (Unlike any other NPD development tool)


What does this mean?

Well just like the best bands don’t always make the charts / some great musicians can be found busking on the high street, the best brands don’t always win the day either.

Spark have worked with:

  • Graze snacks
  • Keogh’s Crisps
  • Kellogg’s Cereal
  • Plenty of banking apps
  • Tons of Telecoms apps


Retailers’ patience is limited – new products need to build momentum quickly. By adding a layer of social contagion evaluation, we can pick the winners and save everyone the hardship of propping up a SKU that is set to be delisted.

As an expert consumer strategy research agency, we are well equipped to help you find winning concepts using Spark Glow.

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How does customer insight marketing work?

As an expert brand tracking agency, we have developed a variety of tools to allow brands to better understand their products and consumers.

Spark Glow is our evaluator model: allowing us to identify winning concepts through a unique analysis tool we have developed. It evaluates your concept’s performance in a variety of factors to create a distinct score, separating the wheat from the chaff.

Quantitative Research:
Spark Glow uses quantitative research methods in the form of large scale surveys. It allows for detailed evaluation and analysis of multiple concepts, which helps companies identify winning concepts in order to grow their brands.

Concept Appeal:
This is how much your product or service will appeal to your customers. This includes factors such as whether it’s worth the price point, how much it fits within your brand and how relevant it is to your customers’ needs. It allows you to establish whether your concept is distinctive and essentially, is what your consumers want.

Market Potential:
This is the population that is interested in the product or service you are offering. It can also be described as money making potential, and is important for all businesses, whether they are new into the market or looking to expand. Testing market potential allows you to find out whether these aspects translate into consumer interest and likelihood to purchase. What’s more, it also allows you to see who is interested in your concept.

Social Contagion:
This is a phenomenon involving behaviour and emotions transmitting spontaneously through a network or group of people. You want to find out how shareable your product or service is, who is talking about your brand and how your potential consumers are influenced. Social media can make or break a product, so it is crucial to understand whether your concept will appeal to social media sharers.

Let’s take a quick example for those in the back…

Client – let’s call them Woke Cola, wants to launch a new energy drink. We do all the usual, best practice, NPD research work. We then discover that of the 5 concepts (we can co-create these from scratch too if you want!) Option A wins out. Option C is close but there’s no denying A has it.

We then layer the social contagion element on the concepts. It turns out Woke Cola passive consumers love Option A; Option C is preferred by Wok Cola Ambassadors.

And when we say ambassadors we have all the fancy social data to prove it. The wiring is on the wall for Option A. A large can of Option C please, with ice. Thanks.

What are the benefits of working with a customer insight agency to deliver your NPD?

data and statistics

Working together with a customer insight agency such as Spark allows us to both conduct the research and provide you with an extensive research deck (just as long as required – we don’t do death by PowerPoint) covering a whole variety of themes including relevance, price points and market potential.

focus groups

At the core of success lies being able to sell, and you’re only able to sell to the right customers when you know what it is they want. Understanding your target consumers’ behaviours, attitudes and habits can help ensure you are producing the right product or service and marketing it to them in an appealing way.

friendly language

The most successful marketing strategies are those that are based around the target consumers. Having comprehensive market research allows you to further understand your audience so you can work out what makes them tick and how to market to appeal to them.

Watching a live webiinar

Working with us ensures you achieve unbiased reporting. This enables you to use these research findings to adapt and learn, while at the same time using the knowledge you’ve gained from competitor analysis to get ahead of the competition.

Planning the Session

We have both the expert knowledge and the tools to complete and analyse the research. It can also bring in a fresh set of eyes, and provide a multitude of benefits you may not have thought of.

Having more accurate data about your customers and sales will impact a variety of areas in your business. This includes sales performance, which can help you identify what new markets you should consider entering and if there are any that aren’t delivering enough ROI.