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We are an award winning, research and insights agency made up of a strong team bursting with insights and creativity. We are innovative and leaders in the research world, bringing the best possible thinking in terms of the latest research techniques to each project we work on, small or large. We get a real kick out of helping our clients grow their brands in an increasingly competitive world.

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We have developed a number of innovative and award winning ways of better understanding your customers and target audience through market research, ultimately helping you to grow your business and your brand.

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Each member of the team has been chosen for both their skill and their attitude, the team brings together an unrivalled range of experience, talent and thinking.

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Do you walk the walk of Tik Tok?

“The tick tock tick of a ticking time bomb, Fifty feet of concrete underground, One little leak becomes a lake, Says the tiny voice in my earpiece” (Thom Yorke, Radiohead, 2006) One little leak becomes a lake…well if ever there was a succinct line to describe the social media virus, …

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Jelly Baby eBook – Chapter 10 ‘What Spark can do for you’

10 reasons why the Jelly Baby can serve as an inspiration for your brand – eBook Chapter 10 – “WHAT SPARK CAN DO FOR YOU” The Jelly Baby only survived by listening to its customers, keeping an eye on the market…and presumably working with a research partner who really understood …

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