Word On The Street

Food Packaging

How Does Packaging Influence Food Choices?

by Alex Hunter

Few would argue that marketing and advertising has gained a deep understanding of the consumer mindset over the last 50 years. We are as well armed as ever to driver …

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People sat at desk conducting market research

Quantitative Market Research Advantages & Disadvantages

by Christine Mullan-Jensen

Quantitative market research is one of the traditional pillars of market research and an essential tool in understanding audience perceptions, behaviours, and relationships with your brand. The success of your …

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woman completing a survey

Types of Market Research Surveys

by Katie Francis

Surveys are a fantastic research tool to find out all sorts of information about consumers and your market. Surveys can be conducted in a variety of different formats, from online …

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New Years Resolutions

New Year, New You? Really?

by Justin Healy

What do you resolve to do more of or less of in 2022? As we emerge from our Christmas Slumber fewer than 1 in 3 Americans will make a New …

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The Sparklers 2021 Awards

by Brogan Harker

What a year it’s been so far! We’ve weathered the storm and thankfully, we’re all moving into a post-Covid world. While new recommendations and sanctions are in place, and we …

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Why 2021 is The Year of “Brand Purpose”

by Megan Reynolds

Why 2021 is the year of “Brand Purpose” If 2020 was a Harry Potter character, it would be Dolores Umbridge. Cruel, stubborn and very punchable, no-one is going to want …

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