Word On The Street

How To Measure Brand Awareness

What is brand awareness?  Brand awareness, although a relatively easy metric to track at one level, is something that not all brands keep track of despite the incredible value it …

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What Is Brand Tracking and Why Is It Important?

Your company’s most valuable asset is its brand. Are you tracking it?  What is brand tracking? Brand health  tracking or reputation tracking is used to find out what consumers think …

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cost of living

What Does The Cost Of Living Mean For Brands?

by Justin Healy - CEO

Let me introduce you to David and Laura. Dave and Laura met in uni back in the mid-nineties. Dave was a big Radiohead fan and Laura wasn’t and to be …

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Introducing Our New Client Success Director

There’s been some exciting Sparkie news this month, and we’re delighted to announce that our Associate Director, Liss has moved into the role of Customer Success Director here at Spark. …

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Understanding & Measuring Customer Perceived Value

No matter how good you might think your brand is, the real truth lies within the perception of the consumer. Customer perceptions will affect the way consumers (including potential customers) …

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How to segment your customers based on their needs

by Brogan Harker

Customer segmentation boils down to one simple question…your customers come from all walks of life – would you speak to them the same? Your marketing messages may not resonate with …

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