Word On The Street

Understanding & Measuring Customer Perceived Value

No matter how good you might think your brand is, the real truth lies within the perception of the consumer. Customer perceptions will affect the way consumers (including potential customers) …

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How to segment your customers based on their needs

by Brogan Harker

Customer segmentation boils down to one simple question…your customers come from all walks of life – would you speak to them the same? Your marketing messages may not resonate with …

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Digital Qual

Digital Qual In A Post-Covid World

As we return to the workplace and most people are back living a ‘normal’ life after avoiding other humans for a couple of years during Covid, some clients are assuming …

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Corporate Social Responsibility

How Corporate Social Responsibility Influences Buying Decisions

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Make money and make a difference: social responsibility has long been a part of many brands’ marketing strategies. From charitable giving to recyclable packaging, there’s …

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The Spark Voice: Meet Derv

As we’re a people focused agency, we’re showing insight on our very own Human Truths and putting a spotlight on our Sparkies! Here’s our chat with our Research & Insights …

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Cost of living

How Is The Cost Of Living Impacting Shopping Habits?

When asked who or what may be the cause of the cost of living crisis, oil companies (42%) and Vladimir Putin (44%) were high up our respondent’s lists, while one …

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