Powering a Marketing Campaign

“Information is power”? Not really.  Knowledge is potential power, and this has never held more meaning than in the field of marketing analytics and research. Choosing the right market research methods to generate insight that will produce an inspired strategy is the key to success.

If our clients know in advance what their target market is thinking, what they expect, and what they aspire to, producing a laser-focused roadmap for a marketing campaign follows naturally. The best and most informed marketing does not feel like marketing; – and that is down to the quality of the market research insight.

Why Use Spark Market Research?

Here at Spark, uncovering what consumers and target audiences aspire to is exactly what we do best. Our market research toolbox is overflowing with the latest techniques to draw out useful data, interpret, track, measure it and enable our clients to grow and develop brilliant brands. Our interviewing and research teams have the experience, training and skills to produce targeted data that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of a marketing or product development campaign.

The Aims of Good Market Research

Let’s take the opportunity here to draw a distinction between market research and marketing. Market research is the bedrock and the foundation of marketing excellence. Market research is consumer-led but aimed at assisting a brand team by ensuring the consumer is at the centre of strategy. Market research produces clarity out of confusion. As to the aims of market research? They all begin with an “I”!

  • Innovation and the ability to adapt is the key to getting ahead of the competition and expanding business horizons.
  • Informing clients about the needs and aspirations of the target market allows them to master the topic, the message, and the delivery of a marketing campaign.
  • Inspiring clients to think differently to expand existing markets and break through to new customers.

Market Research Techniques

So let’s take a closer look at what we have available in our market research toolbox here at Spark:

quantitative research

Quantitative Research

Is shaped more towards the objective collection of numerical data and hard statistics. Market research surveys, questionnaires, paper surveys, telephone interviews, and logging the results of direct observation are typical examples of quantitative research.


We use a mixture of expert interpretation and stricter algorithmic analysis to produce a finely honed marketing strategy for you. Oh, and we make it seem really simple!

qualitative research

Qualitative Research

Covers a range of immersive market research techniques that attempt to uncover how individuals or groups within society have developed an understanding of the world around them. The essence of the process (and the reason why it is normally placed in the hands of independent experts like Spark Market Research) is accurately interpreting results and using them to shape productive marketing campaigns.

Tracking – but not as you know it

Many of us like to wear Fitbits these days or if not, we still might pop to the local GP every so often for a check-up. Maybe you do both. Your brand can’t wear a Fitbit but you can instigate a focused brand tracker that grows with your brand. No straight-jackets here. We will put a process in place that helps you be out in front in terms of strategy, so your brand always hits its 10,000 steps.

ethnographic research


Is an observational research technique. We study and come to an understanding of how people are actually using products and services in their day-to-day routines, in their home environment, and in their interactions with other people and the world around them. We have spoken with everyone from Gen Zs in Jamaica to Graffiti artists in LA. We get people and love these projects. Think of Ethnography like Fly on the wall research except Spark is the fly and we’re wearing camera for you to observe through; nice.

Face to Face Interviews

Depth Interviews

Capture deeper and more descriptive data about how people really think and behave. The idea is to let the conversation flow and explore new directions. Rather than formal, this is a fluid process where natural changes in direction are not just allowed but encouraged.


The interviewer is much more a listener than a questioner; using open-ended questions to expand horizons and promote lateral discussion and thinking. They are especially useful for sensitive topics or when speaking to very senior / hard to reach participants.

Group market research

Focus Group Research

Brings a group of people together to share their views on a particular topic. Often used as a market research workshop in the early stages of product or concept development, it is a less intense and more fluid form research.


Our researchers know to keep the discussion on track, introduce focus and direction, and sit back and let the conversation flow when it is at its most productive. We also love a good projective technique; if your brand was a car which one, would it be and why? Got you thinking? Good.

Market Research Surveys

Market Research Surveys

We take the business objectives of our clients and use them to design productive market research surveys that produces reliable data. Surveys can be delivered en-mass to obtain thousands of responses.


An expertly designed survey targeting the right demographic and backed by intense data analysis sifts through the mass of results to uncover those gems that often go on to form the backbone of a successful marketing campaign.

Face to face research

Face-to-Face Research

Is one of our most powerful market research methods in terms of the quality of the data it returns. In a one-to-one, our trained interviewers have a high degree of control over the data collection process.


Distractions can be avoided and facial expressions can be used to evaluate responses. Accurate information is produced when a expert interviewer avoids leading respondents to answer in a particular way.

Find Out More

This is a brief summary of how Spark Market Research employs a comprehensive range of award-winning market research techniques to drive next-level campaigns and deliver strategic insights. If you would like to know more, why not head on over to our blog?