What is Spark Clan?

Spark clan is how we segment large samples of consumers in Spark, and we mean LARGE!

We have conducted customer segmentation across:

  • Multi market categories
  • Geographies
  • Languages
  • Demographics

From our extensive range of audience research services, customer segmentation marries our love of understanding human truths with our focus on quantitative and qualitative market research excellence.

What you receive:  

At the end we get a dinky algorithm that we can all play with ensure the value of the segmentation project, both financial and in terms of brand growth, lives on.  It’s the complete project.

Life’s too short for generic and useless segmentations.  Your customers deserve better.  In our humble opinion, no other research project will impact future brand growth as much as a well planned and executed segmentation project.

If you are unsure, are considering doing your first segmentation or have one that just isn’t working, then please get in touch.


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Spark, your customer segmentation agency

Understanding your audience and being able to segment them by different categories, be it via demographic or psychographic factors, allows you to:

  1. Focus on specific individuals and maximise your marketing efforts
  2. Become hyper-focused in audience comprehension leading to a better understanding of their needs
  3. Provide far better communication
  4. Begin to direct your audience’s behaviour through market leadership in quality and anticipating the next trends
  5. Ultimately, your audience responds to your products and sees you as the first choice

To discuss your audience segmentation needs, get in touch with our team today. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, read more about audience segmentation below.

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How Spark Clan helps you understand your customers

Understanding your customers is the key to providing the service that they are looking for.

We help you fully comprehend your audience by looking at….

  • What they want and what they need – can you offer that product and in a visible/accessible way?
  • Who influences them? – Are you up to date with trendsetters and popularised products?
  • What influences them? – Keep on top of social changes
  • How do they absorb information – Do you have a presence on high engagement online platforms?
  • Messages that resonate with them – Is your tone of voice fitting with the times and the type of people you call a customer?

It is no longer enough to simply provide a service and wait for customers to come walking through the door of your shop be that online or bricks and mortar.

The world of digital commercialisation has a huge saturation of markets, with thousands of businesses offering similar services from their websites.

Staying ahead of the market means being the business that most accurately grasps exactly what customers want and delivering it to them successfully.

What does it involve?

Spark Clan uses the following market research techniques to pinpoint customer personas and understand who they are:

Benefits of audience segmentation

Tailoring messages is the key to engaging with different types of people, without losing their interest through failing to connect with them on a personal level.  Different people can perceive the same brand in different ways.  And that’s ok.  However, as a brand leader you need to know the various tribes that consumer your brand better than anyone else so every time you speak to them they feel like you are talking to them directly.

Our customer segmentation allows you to build accurate profiles of how different groups engage with your brand, on and off line.  By identifying the who, the where and the what we can help you to make your content more effective.  Every contact counts.

Market research conducted on laptop

For instance when looking at online engagement, once we identify where your ideal consumers spend their time online, we can help you to create segment campaigns whether it is done via location demographic or identifiable online interests.  You can tailor your advertisements to be seen by those you want viewing them. Either through pay per click advertising or organic search engine optimisation, once we have a clear picture of your audience, we can begin to make tweaks to the content of your adverts and where they are shown, enhancing conversion rates and engagement across all advertising channels.

A product that meets the needs of its consumer is a product that has more chance of selling. When you know what your audience tends to look for and where they take their inspiration from, you can begin to tailor your product to match something that is almost a perfect representation of what your targeted customer is looking for. When you begin to offer the best product on the market, you become the hotbed of activity and a trendsetter in your own right. Spark Clan helps you do this by identifying exactly what people are looking for when searching for products that match something you could offer.

Obtaining a healthy customer relationship is made far easier when you understand your customers as individuals who have their own behaviours and personalities. Customer segmentation research allows you to understand the potentially large target group of consumers on a more personal level. This means being able to identify pain points that leave your customers unsatisfied. From this, you can work towards building your relationship with each type of customer and making them feel like you are the service provider they have been looking for.  A tailored approach is key in the vast world of the internet as one size certainly does not fit all, something we fully acknowledge in the work we do at Spark.  Of course you may decide, now that you know your customer base so well, that certain segments are not worth investing in.  At least with a properly conducted segmentation you have that choice.  No more wasting budget trying to talking to everyone.

When you have that rapport with your audience and offer products that fit exactly what they are looking for, you begin to gain customer trust in terms of your reputation preceding your products. You can become a business that sells just by putting your name to a product. This allows you to influence audience behaviour through pioneering the market you are based in, making your products the must-have in their field.

Knowing what your audience is looking for today and what they may want tomorrow is a vital tool in gaining a competitive market edge.  We find that often our clients, once they have conducted a segmentation project, will recruit their segments and keep close to them so they can stay ahead of what they want.  Who better to sound out strategy with than the consumers that are expected to engage with that strategy?

quantitative market research

Understanding your audience helps you better understand your own business and what it is you want your business to be, in all aspects. It helps you establish a brand, a line of in-demand products/services and a tone of voice that speaks to your audience. Segmenting audiences helps you prioritise and focus your business to where you believe there will be the most success.

Another key aspect of customer segmentation is being able to understand what motivates your audience to display certain behaviours online. When we identify what people are going out of their way to browse for, and are spending their free time engaging with, we can begin to understand what interests motivate their online efforts. Providing a service or product that people actively want as opposed to last resort is the key to constant business flow and customer satisfaction.

Different audience segments

We believe that the best segmentation takes a holistic approach – typically we will combine several of the different segmentation types below in to a Spark Clan segmentation.

  • Demographic:
    This is where we focus on easily identifiable, collectively shared characteristics such as age or location. This is an extremely common tactic for businesses looking to serve local areas or a large but specified group of people. It also makes advertising easier, as in the case of location, adverts can be easily engineered into finding themselves on the social media pages of people in a certain area.
  • Need:
    This is identifying common pain points and popular solutions requirements and grouping these people. For example, industrial workers may commonly look for logistics solutions or metalwork products. These people can be grouped.
  • Behavioural:
    This is a way of grouping people by their activity preferences.  Online, people tend to find their preferred social media platforms and it is from here they often begin to express themselves as a person with interests and hobbies. We gain a more personal understanding of your audience as individuals through behavioural segmentation.
  • Attitudinal:
    Much like behavioural, this is about understanding the person behind the purchase. We can grasp their likes, what they dislike, what their cultural beliefs are, how they tend to communicate with others and then begin to shape your business outreach in a way that is more likely to be pleasantly received.
  • Webnographic: This combines both behavioural and attitudinal elements in a broader spectrum and aims to look at the wider context of user movement online. Cultural hot topics, political shifts and relevant widespread conversation are all things your business needs to be aware of. This is what allows you to keep an appropriate tone of voice and ensure your business is presented in such a way that is understood and well received by the online world.