Who We Work With


We have made a bit of a name for ourselves in Youth research since winning an Excellence in Market Research Award for innovation with our Kidskrib technique. We have never professed to being too ‘down with the kids’ – no matter how skinny our jeans – but we do have a real knack for talking to them and discovering their hopes, dreams and motivators.


Whether it’s a department store, corner shop or supermarket, chances are there’s a Sparky in there right now walking the aisles with a shopper. Sometimes these accompanied shops are combined with more in-depth work, or brought to life with a splash of technology. With a few ex-FMCG marketing managers on the team, we have this specialism covered.


We’ve had the opportunity to work on some really interesting projects over the past few years as Ireland’s relationship with Alcohol has changed. Brands have been forced to rethink their marketing strategies and reinvent themselves to stand up to the emergence of craft beers, a myriad of gin brands, and many new entrants to the market. Don’t worry, when it comes to this one, Spark always researches responsibly.


Our financial experience is unrivalled, having worked for many years with leading banks and financial institutions across the UK and Ireland. Competition is heating up in the financial industry with the recovery from recession, the arrival of challenger banks and FinTechs changing the game as we know it.

Advertising & Media

We’ve worked across many advertising, creative development and media projects. We know that its not about whether they like an ad, its about how it makes them feel. Advertising needs to work much harder across multiple channels and devices, meaning that research to get it right is even more important than it has ever been.


We have worked for many leading brands across fresh, frozen and ambient categories, at both brand and category level. We have a wide range of experience in this industry – both client and research side – and have a proven track record at delivering return on investment. We cut to the chase in delivering clear brand and category actions which will make a real impact on the bottom line.


We’ve been working with leading Telecoms brands since the days of dial-up! Over time we have used research to support them in the development of new and compelling customer product propositions, segment customer bases and markets, brand and communications development and pricing strategies.

Medical & Pharma

Spark has worked alongside many Irish and International Pharmaceutical and Medical brands across a range of challenging topics. While a rewarding field to be a part of, it can often be tough given the sensitive subject matter. We talk to everyone involved in the chain – medical professionals, hospital CEOs and the patients and families themselves. Spark undergoes strict training before each research project and with our resident academic Doctor, Christine Mullan-Jensen’s background, it’s an area we have a real specialism in.


Spark have worked alongside a wide range of car manufacturers, from the more luxurious to the more everyday brands. We work hard to understand the needs of drivers and test a range of brand and advertising campaigns. Buying cars is an exciting experience and a real indication of the buyer’s self concept and so the research process should be too! We often use live stimulus in our groups, with the aim of bringing the experience to life in the research.

Public Sector & Utilities

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience working on public sector projects, particularly in infrastructure and utilities. We use a combination of innovative techniques in a professional setting to put participants at ease, get their creative juices flowing and gather more tangible insights.

Leisure and Travel & Tourism

We have worked across a range of clients in this sector, from hotel chains and holiday resorts to modes of transport. We work hard to tap into the mindsets of consumers when planning and booking their travel arrangements and how best to influence at all of the steps throughout the decision making process.