Will consumers feel safe after lockdown?

Will consumer feel safe after lockdown?

Although restrictions may be slowly lifting, there is still a lot of work to do to convince consumers that they will be safe returning to their normal activities after lockdown. Our research shows that over half of Irish adults would feel unsafe returning to work, while the vast majority (79%) would feel unsafe venturing into a pub or restaurant. As nearly 60% would feel unsafe simply leaving home, rising higher among women, retailers face some challenges, both emotional and functional, when it comes to reopening.


Reviving consumer confidence will also be a challenge. Our research has found that over half believe people’s lives will be changed for the worse. That said, there is some hope here, as about a third in Ireland say these changes won’t necessarily be for the worse.

Understanding the nuances of consumers’ concerns will be key here for retailers and the service industry, as will introducing strong initiatives to ensure that consumers are made to feel safe enough to return to stores, pubs and restaurants.

Spark is conducting extensive research digitally on how emotions and needs are changing rapidly in the current climate and is helping brands negotiate the new normal.

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