Webinars The Secret Lives of Sustainable Shoppers

Title:The Secret Lives of Sustainable Shoppers
Date & Time:12:00pm Thursday 22nd April


The secret is out! 55% of shoppers are actively doing something about being more sustainable. What’s the opportunity cost of being a brand that doesn’t really take sustainability seriously? Here’s what we did…we looked through the keyhole into their houses using our Spark Life 360 platform.

In this webinar, we will shine a light on the secret lives of sustainable shoppers – why they care – their journey into sustainability, what hinders and helps, which brands are standing out and which sectors are doing this well.

Christine Mullan-Jensen, Spark’s Insights and Strategy Director, Katie Francis, Spark’s Insights and Strategy Manager and Sarah Whelan Spark’s Community Executive, will provide actionable insight on the following areas:

  • What these shoppers think a sustainable brand looks like
  • What you need to know about what makes them tick – PLUS their sustainability hacks
  • How research like Spark Life 360 and S-Factor can help your sustainability strategy


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