Webinars The Deadly Sins of Brand Creativity


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, industries have been turned upside down, customer behaviours have rapidly changed, and the strategies that marketers, advertisers and researchers have followed for years need to be adjusted. Brands need to pivot and adapt to these changes with creative solutions.

Creativity, inspired by new emerging human truths, has never been more important. However, as we all know, harnessing creativity is a hard nut to crack!

In this webinar, we will explore the six killers of creativity – Fear, Criticism, Pressure, Tradition, Pessimism and Apathy, and discuss how successful brands have overcome them.

Webinar take aways

  • The need to creatively adapt your brand to behavioural changes brought about by Covid
  • How brands have followed creative virtues to overcome “The Deadly Sins of Creativity”
  • How research can help give you the confidence to pursue creative brand building