Webinars Swinging through the jungle of innovation – innovate or die!

innovate or die


56% of employees believe that by 2030, the nature of their current role will be different or that it may not exist at all (yikes!)

(Source: Spark Market Research, May 2021)

As disruptive technology progresses, more and more jobs and industries are facing obsolescence. Students with hopes of becoming lawyers, bankers or accountants will soon realise that their profession will be drastically different when they finish their qualification compared to what it was when they began.

This month we’re focusing on all things innovation, and how businesses can pivot to ensure survival whilst navigating through the jungle of innovation.

Webinar take aways

  • Understanding the concept of ‘Tarzan Economics’
  • How to embrace new opportunities in times of disruption
  • The importance of social contagion and the erosion of the intermediary


This webinar will be suitable for marketers or business owners struggling to find where and how they can innovate and for any self-proclaimed futurists out there!