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The shopper revolution is now – don’t get left behind!

Less than 40 days into 2021 and shoppers have stormed the retail Capitol

Debenhams? Don’t you mean Boohoo-enhams? Topshop? Nope Top-Asos!

The shopper marketing revolution tipping point has been reached; the fuse has been lit and we have now moved from slow, methodical evolution to bold, explosive revolution.

Sounds a bit scary doesn’t it? Especially if you are managing a consumer retail brand. It needn’t be.

Join us for tips on how to navigate the new regime and make sure that your brand not only stays standing, but also comes out much stronger.

Webinar take aways

  • How shoppers and shopper marketing has changed and why
  • Mistakes other brands have made and how to avoid them
  • What the new reality looks like and how you can make it work for you