Webinars Packaging; The Final Frontier


Think of a brand of food or drink that you really love…got it?

Chances are you thought about the packaging it comes in…what sprung to mind first?

The logo? The format? The colours?…or was it some quirky design that always catches your eye?

Whatever it was, it’s burned into your retina and sits there waiting to be recalled as soon as you think of a brand.

Tune into our next webinar where our experts will analyse and debate the important role that packaging plays in the food and drink markets, from semiotics to health branding (and its impact on HFSS), functional reasons to believe and the pure emotion of that pack you keep coming back to.

Webinar take aways

  • The latest trends in food & drink packaging
  • Key check points for any Brand Manager (or equivalent) planning to launch or evolve brand design and packaging
  • Case studies of UK (and global) brands that are currently leading in this space