Webinars Micro-Marketing – The Expert’s Opinion


Warning: 66% of consumers are annoyed when brands assume they know what they want based off their age & gender – ouch! (Source: Spark Market Research, 2021).

Micro-marketing, where we get to know specific segments of consumers based on their behaviours, as well as demographics, can help overcome this.

In the first webinar of the micro-marketing series this month we took you through why micro-marketing matters – get in touch if you ‘d like a link to that.

This time, Justin Healy (Managing Partner of Spark) will be joined by Jess Hickman, Managing Director of Unicom, the Higher Education Digital Marketing Agency.

Together, they will review some of the key points from the first webinar before talking through a live example of a project that Unicom and Spark worked on together.

Webinar take aways

  • A quick recap on why micro-marketing matters
  • How you can use micro-marketing to drive personalisation
  • What a difference it makes in the day to day – using Higher Education as a case study
  • What you can do to implement a micro-marketing strategy in your business


If you currently manage a brand where you target consumers/shoppers in your strategic development plans then this webinar is for you.