Webinars Micro-Marketing – Are You Talking To Me?


Robert DeNiro is every brand’s worst nightmare. That might seem a bit confusing, we’re sure Bobby boy is a lovely man! We do not intend that as a slur, so let us explain.

When a brand speaks to a consumer the consumer should feel like they are being spoken to directly. There should be no question of “Are you talking to me?”.

In an ideal world, every brand would tailor every interaction uniquely to each and every individual consumer. Marketing would be one-to-one, not one-to-many. Unfortunately, however, this just is not practical or feasible.

Instead, we need to be clever about how we understand the consumer. We need to understand the meaningful things that bind them together, attitudinally and behaviourally, then tap into these links to communicate with the consumer in a way that resonates with them – that makes them feel seen and heard.

The more we understand the meaningful things that link people together, the closer we get to the ideal of one-to-one marketing. Marketing with specific, distinct and meaningful groups as the target is known as micro-marketing.

Micro-marketing, when it is done the right way, is a powerful weapon in the marketer’s arsenal.

Webinar take aways

  • Why insight is essential in driving your strategic micro-marketing plans
  • What not to do when it comes to micro-marketing
  • A real-life example of what effective micro-marketing looks like