Webinars How to make Christmas great again

Christmas at Spark MR


Do you believe in Santa?

Of course you do! Santa epitomises the hope, the child-like anticipation and the joy of Christmas.

However, Christmas ’21 looks like it will be quite different to before…

Will presents be delivered? Will people be bothered to shop at their local stores? Will Santa even show up?

At Spark, we think it’s important that brand leaders believe in Christmas; for many, the most emotional time of the year. Christmas advertising, in-store experience, snapping up that last minute online gift – are all parts of Christmas we can optimise together.

Join us for our next Christmas themed webinar, where our expert panel will discuss the following:

Webinar take aways

  • How brand leaders can bring the magic to Christmas, and why it matters
  • Why leaning into the emotional can help ensure commercial KPIs are hit
  • How by doing so we can ensure all our brands are on the ‘nice’ list