The Sparklers 2021 Awards

by Brogan Harker

What a year it’s been so far!

We’ve weathered the storm and thankfully, we’re all moving into a post-Covid world. While new recommendations and sanctions are in place, and we face new challenges, we’re delighted to see that our clients are thriving – and we’re lucky enough to be a part of it!

We’re proud as punch to work with some of the biggest and best clients from all over the world. We get to research brilliant brands and help make them even better. It’s allowed us to grow our team, expand into new markets, and win lots of snazzy awards.

Of course, none of our success would be possible without our clients. And so, we want to celebrate this!

In doing so, we hope to amplify the work we’ve have done together and create an event where we can all take stock, post-pandemic, ahead of the (hopefully) roaring ’20s.

Introducing The Sparklers 2021

These annual awards will celebrate the importance and ability to innovate, be resilient and inspire change that builds brilliant brands.

As some of you may have come to expect from working with us, these awards are a bit different to your usual research awards. We pride ourselves on being professionally informal, so whilst we can chat to you all day about the most intricate research solutions (and really enjoy it!), we also like to have a bit of fun too!

The categories:

  • Best International Project
    In the last 12 months the world has become smaller as global events have dominated the news. Research has become even more global too. This award celebrates non-UK or Ireland projects where typically different languages, cultures and consumer attitudes play a role in the project delivery.
  • Best Sustainability Project
    Sustainability is the challenge of our generation and understandably we see a lot of briefs that have sustainability positioning and understanding as a primary objective. This award celebrates the projects with a better, greener, future at their core.

  • Best Social Project
    While the attitude of “keep calm and carry on” was something we all tried to subscribe to in the last 12 months, many brands had to engage with the social impact of coronavirus as well as its consequences. This award puts the spotlight on those brands.

  • Best Gen Z Project
    Gen Z consumers – born between 1995 and 2012, make up a large proportion of consumers and marketing / insight managers. They behave differently to previous generations and this award celebrates the brands that focus on them.

  • Best B2B Project
    What a year for business research?! Many business consumers have been working from home or at least working less in the office. A lot has changed. And it’s unlikely to ever be the same. This award honours the B2B brands who have persevered over the last year.

  • Best Covid Care Project
    We won’t lie – we hope this award is for this year only! It’s specific to those Covid brands and projects that we have undertaken since March 2020.

And last but not least, we will be awarding Bravery In Research Innovation.

Sometimes at Spark we have a great idea for a research method, but perhaps the client is more risk averse, or the timing is just not right. That’s fine – there is always a way. This award celebrates the ones who go for it and get to reap the rewards afterwards.

Our team of experts have been debating and carefully considering the winners; it’s been tough! We’ve worked on so many brilliant projects that we had to go all Simon Cowell on this.

Eyes on the prize

So, what’s in it for the lucky winners? Well…each of the winners will receive a not a week’s, not a month’s, but a YEAR’S supply of jelly babies, and a coveted award – Jelly Baby-shaped, of course! PLUS, the overall Grand Prix winner will also win a FREE lunch for their whole team!

These awards celebrate our clients’, not just for their big win, but also for their belief in our work and their trust in us as market research experts.

The winners will be announced on Thursday 7th October.

Stay tuned!

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