Justin Healy

Managing Partner aka Captain Firestarter

Justin enjoys engaging with clients and participants on strategic marketing challenges.  He cut his teeth as a marketing man with Unilever before a chance meeting with Julie led to a conversation about how research could be done much better.  That was in 2007, Spark was born and since then Justin has had the pleasure of working across diverse categories and with brands and consumers all over the world.

Justin isn’t afraid to say that he would see himself as a marketer first, researcher second.  This enables him to bring a client’s viewpoint to the projects he works on.  He generally leads qualitative projects and plays a supporting role to the quanties on projects such as trackers and segmentation.   He has a Kylie calendar in his office, coaches Minis Rugby at the weekends, a keen Tony Robbins follower and is a good man for a sing-song at a party (as long as everyone agrees that no decent music has been made since 1998)