Aidan Clark

Insights Executive aka Chief Chutzpah

Aidan followed his nose from the north east of England to Dublin in 2018 and eventually found his way to research and Spark. A passion for facts and data means he is always keen to get into the nitty gritty of a project, as well as being decent in a pub quiz. 

Nothing irks Aidan more than an unanswered question. It is rumoured he accounts for half of Wikipedia’s traffic, as he is often found scrolling through its pages on a quest for some obscure knowledge. As something of a walking Oracle himself he decided the best way to continue this quest was to become more involved in primary studies. With a degree in languages, Aidan is particularly passionate about international research. 

When not crunching the numbers Aidan is a music obsessive and long-suffering Newcastle United fan. Safe to say one of these passions brings him more joy than the other…