Let’s talk about Segs baby!

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Let’s talk about Segs baby!

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Some ladies may remember our first taste of segmentation tools as being the “Which sex and the city character are you?” While we all wanted to be Carrie, most of us ended up as Charlotte, or shockingly as Samantha!

Now imagine that you are a clothing store manager – wouldn’t you like to know whether you are going to buy in stock for Charlotte, in her twin-set style or bring in the leather mini dresses for Samantha.

Whilst the above may seem frivolous and fun, we can learn a lot in the real world of business as it’s a pretty good example of segmenting your customer base.

Firstly, there are only 4 key pen portraits or typologies, not 8 or 9 segments that means lots of work on the client’s behalf to try and create 8 marketing plans!

Secondly, they are very distinct from each other, not 8 shades of grey which are hard to tell apart side by side. Finally, they are easy to understand and work with when creating communications and marketing to your customers and potential customers.

But don’t forget people don’t stand still – so you may start off as a Samantha but over time mature into a Miranda, so it’s important to keep track of movement.

Implementing a solid research segmentation structure means you can easily understand and talk about Segs in the City!

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