Jelly Baby eBook – Chapter 4 ‘The path to purchase is changing’


10 reasons why the Jelly Baby can serve as an inspiration for your brand – eBook

Chapter 4 – “The path to purchase is changing – you need to look at the bigger picture”

Jelly Babies have always made it easy for you to satisfy your sweet craving by being available from any shop, garage or supermarket.

The path to purchase is often short –from ‘I want some sweets’ to ‘there they are’. In 2016 Bassett’s launched their ‘Squidgy Intermission’ advert showing a moment of fun with small humans bouncing on large jelly babies like trampolines. They have been faced with many challenges, such as the recent war on sugar, so they knew they had to remind consumers again of the brand being fun and enjoyable.

The consumer decision making journey has changed. It used to be all about influencing at the point of sale, but not anymore. Now it’s about the Path to Purchase, which starts a long way before the consumer even gets to the actual point of purchase. Maybe they get a leaflet through the door, see a blog article from their favourite You-Tuber or read online reviews before they decide to sign on the dotted line. This works both ways; if consumers feel they have got a good deal or a good product, they will start to influence others by telling them about it.

You need to influence the entire path to purchase rather than just focusing on the point of sale

This means looking at your brand or product from all angles, across the whole consumer journey, uncovering the triggers and barriers at each point:

  • What are the most important triggers before they reach the point of sale?
  • How can you disrupt consumers habits so your brand gets noticed and considered?
  • How and where can you influence the potential buyer?
  • What are your consumer’s current pain points throughout the journey?
  • At what point are some shoppers turning their backs on your brand and why?
  • Apart from the practical application of your product or service, does it deliver on emotional benefits?

The best products meet emotional and functional needs. You can learn so much more from looking at the bigger picture and big picture thinkers will always get better results.

Download the eBook here for the full story.

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