Jelly Baby eBook – Chapter 3 ‘Brands are created in the mind’


10 reasons why the Jelly Baby can serve as an inspiration for your brand – eBook

Chapter 3 – “Brands are created in the mind – uncovering your brand’s USP”

Prior to 1989 Jelly Babies used to be uniform in shape, regardless of colour. In the early 90’s they were each given an individual shape, name and personality, i.e. Bubbles, Boofuls, Bigheart, Bonny and Bumper. This added emotional interest to the sweets by giving each baby its own quirks, opinions and attitudes.

Few can agree on which is the best flavour –as we know consumer preference is a very personal thing –and Jelly Babies understand that by providing a range of colours and flavours to choose from. Although you may have a different favourite to someone else you both have a favourite.

Finding out who your customers are, but more importantly, how to talk to them, can be a powerful tool. Instead of simply segmenting your customers into age or gender, focus on their emotional triggers like what their personal preferences or attitudes are. Take for example MTV (remember when they used to play music?). MTV has changed as their audience has changed with reality TV replacing the Billboard Top 100. You need to understand the minutiae of your brand key (associations, personality, reasons to believe, tone of voice, USP) so your brand always acts in a way that will see an increase in its brand equity amongst key consumers

You need to understand the minutiae of your brand key

We find it best if you really walk in the shoes of consumers and see the world from their perspectives. This delivers insights that make a difference in being relevant while being able to stand out from the crowd.

To deliver beyond the rational product attributes you need to understand:

  • What’s your brand essence?
  • Has it moved on and transitioned with time?
  • How does your brand make people feel?
  • What difference do you make to people’s lives?

Doing the groundwork in creating brands that will appeal and speak to your target market will inevitably lead to brand growth.

Download the eBook here for the full story.

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