Jelly Baby eBook – Chapter 1 ‘From Zero to Hero – The success story’

Jellybaby success

10 reasons why the Jelly Baby can serve as an inspiration for your brand – eBook

Chapter 1 – “From zero to hero, the success story”

Jelly babies started small, with a colourful, baby-shaped, jelly sweet and a distinct zingy flavour. Rumour has it that they date back to as early as 1864, but we know for certain that in 1918 they were marketed by Bassetts as ‘Peace Babies’ to mark the end of the 1st World War. In 1953 they were re-launched as Jelly Babies. Today they are a huge brand and recognised the world over. From new beginnings to huge success –

Spark didn’t see through a war, but it did survive the Recession by innovating and offering a uniquely strategic approach to research.

You may ask why the Jelly Baby is embedded in Spark’s logo. The simple answer is that people are fundamental to the research process, from our team to each of our participants, and the Jelly Baby was a fun way of introducing this to the brand. We won’t go into the ‘middle of the night eureka moment’ from a founding member of Spark… Of course, we are not the first brand to use a fun mascot in communications – Jolly Green Giant, Tony the Tiger, Energizer Bunny, Michelin Man, Captain Morgan – ring any bells?

Spark research is all about honesty, simplicity, innovation and professional rigour. We understand that it is our job to partner with our clients to help them grow their brands. Thing is, believe it or not, there’s a lot to be learned from our brand mascot. The question is, what?

Download the eBook here for the full story.

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