Jelly Baby eBook – Chapter 5 ‘Everyone is different’


10 reasons why the Jelly Baby can serve as an inspiration for your brand – eBook

Chapter 5 – ” EVERYONE is DIFFERENT – Better targeting to increase appeal”

How do you eat your Jelly Babies? Are you a head-muncher? Or do you like to start with the feet and work your way up?   We won’t judge you if you enjoy biting their heads off!

Do you prefer a bag, a box, or a giant plastic jelly baby shaped carton full of jelly babies?

The way we consume Jelly Babies is an individual preference. People are different and that’s okay. We all have different attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and all are valid because they are individual. Jelly Babies are Orange, Green, Pink, Yellow, Red and Black – which one is your favourite?

Business is about people, about understanding your consumers and potential consumers and acting accordingly to add value.

To do this properly businesses need to understand the difference between their consumers.  We often hear statements like “Millennials think this…” or “Empty Nesters do that”.  These are just short hand and can be helpful for general points but will not help businesses uncover their brand and consumer truths. You can’t assume that all people in a certain demographic group are the same.  If you still think that everyone aged 55+ is old perhaps you need to get out more and meet some people aged 55+!

To avoid this trap, you need to segment your customers to help you deliver targeted marketing strategies.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do you know your bullseye customer inside and out?
  • What do you think your target customer is doing RIGHT NOW?
  • Where do they spend most of their money?
  • Has your bullseye target customer changed in the last few years?
  • Should you broaden your target group out or perhaps even consider other markets?

Improved targeting will also help you identify opportunities to move your customers up the value chain.

Download the eBook here for the full story.

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