Jelly Baby eBook – Chapter 10 ‘What Spark can do for you’


10 reasons why the Jelly Baby can serve as an inspiration for your brand – eBook


The Jelly Baby only survived by listening to its customers, keeping an eye on the market…and presumably working with a research partner who really understood there brand.

With Spark, there are no half-measures. When we work with you, we commit to getting to the heart of the matter and delivering the best possible research outcomes.

We are not a production line. Every client research issue is examined, discussed, shaken, turned upside down and discussed again at each stage. We cherish honesty, simplicity, innovation and rigour in our research process.

An award winning, full service strategic insights agency made up of a strong team bursting with insights and creativity. We are leaders in the research world, bringing the best possible thinking in terms of the latest research techniques to each project we work on, small or large. We get a real kick out of helping our clients grow their brands in an increasingly competitive world.

Spark don’t ever sit on the fence. We tell the truth and give you actual insights into what you need to do – because if we didn’t, what’s the point?

We work on a range of consumer, business and social research projects and always put consumers and clients at the heart of everything we do. All the traditional Qualitative and Quantitative approaches are offered, and we are constantly developing new methodologies to build on and complement the more traditional ones.

Sparkies love a good strategic challenge. We pride ourselves on always staying fresh and ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and thinking. And we have fun doing it!

Download the eBook here for the full story.

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