Everyday Sustainability – The Secret Is Out!

Everyday sustainability is about what we do day-to-day to be sustainable.

We hear a lot of talk about ‘being’ sustainable, consumers and companies alike. But what are they both doing that makes them sustainable?

At Spark, working with clients from many different sectors, we often we find ourselves joining the dots. We thought it was time to look at cross-sector sustainability to benefit all our clients.

So, we’ve decided to lift the lid on the lives of people who are actively sustainable – i.e., see what they are actually doing about sustainability.

Let’s be very clear – this is not a niche audience – we know from our own S-Factor Research that they account for 55% of consumers.

In the last few weeks, we’ve snapped a sneak preview into the lives of 17 sustainable shoppers across the UK and Ireland through our SparkLife 360 platform, which uses ethnographic research methods to understand consumers. Across generations, we’ve watched and listened to the life hacks of those in their 20s right up to 70s. The one thing they have in common is that they care about sustainability AND they are actively ‘doing’ something about it.

Now it’s our turn…change is coming – and we want to help you get ready.

Want to know if this is right for you? If any of the below statements apply to you, then your answer is yes!

1) You’re retrofitting sustainability OR building from the ground up

2) You’re thinking about business challenges such as:

-Upstream innovation and how you innovate

-Circular economy and how you design EVERY STEP

-Greenwashing and how to communicate best

-Rules and regulations and how you comply

3) You work in any of the following sectors:

  • FMCG
  • Finance/Banking
  • Energy Production
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Entertainment & Tech
  • Transport & Travel

Join us throughout the month of April as we…

  1. Share the best kept secrets of sustainable shoppers with you & what they think about a sustainable brand
    (Webinar 22nd April 2021 – World Earth Day “The Secret Lives of Sustainable Shoppers”)
  2. Get the brand perspective on sustainability when our Founder Justin Healy catches up with Paul Kelly, Unilever’s Marketing Director
    (Webinar 29th April 2021 – “Sustainability: The Brand Experts Opinion”)


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