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Health and well-being: just a passing fad?

No, it is creating blurred lines between most sectors & here to stay. Here are the top 3 reasons why: This trend will multiply - we’re much more pro-active about health these days and we learn from a young age about healthy living. I remember my old school lunch box...

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How did I get here – Unravelling the Subconscious

How did I get here – Unravelling the Subconscious Have you ever got to work or home in the car and think ‘How did I get here?’ Was I awake driving the car?  You hopefully were, so don’t panic – this feeling of memory lapse is because you went into …

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He Said She Said – The Power of Influencers

He Said/She Said… Influencers – Does it even matter who is talking about my brand? The use of influential people to spread a brand’s message is not a new phenomenon. However, social media has broken down the previously existing geographic boundaries and has created a powerful digital influencer that can …

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