Word On The Street

Meet Mary Mulcahy – Spark’s Field Director

There’s something about Mary: Get to know our new Field Director – Mary Mulcahy! You might have heard that Spark has recently welcomed the renowned Field Director Mary Mulcahy on board. She comes to Spark with an abundance of experience and knowledge, particularly in face to face large scale market …

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Cult Marketing

The Power of Cult

Marketing Brands – Acting the Cult! If I was to ask any “normal” person were they members of any Cult, the likely answer would be a resounding “no!”.  However, is that really the case? Before you read on, think of all the Cults you may be a part of.  You …

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Health & well-being

Health and well-being: just a passing fad?

Health and well-being: just a passing fad? No, it is creating blurred lines between most sectors & here to stay. Here are the top 3 reasons why: This trend will multiply This trend is set to multiply. We’re much more pro-active about health these days and we learn from a …

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How did I get here – Unravelling the Subconscious

How did I get here – Unravelling the Subconscious Have you ever got to work or home in the car and think ‘How did I get here?’ Was I awake driving the car?  You hopefully were, so don’t panic – this feeling of memory lapse is because you went into …

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He Said She Said – The Power of Influencers

He Said/She Said… Influencers – Does it even matter who is talking about my brand? The use of influential people to spread a brand’s message is not a new phenomenon. However, social media has broken down the previously existing geographic boundaries and has created a powerful digital influencer that can …

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