Word On The Street

The Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Data

If you’re interested in market research for your business or brand, you will likely already know the importance of collecting and analysing data. At its very core, data can be …

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Spring cleaning

How TikTok Has Created A New Clean-Conscious Generation

by Nicola Smith

Spring is well and truly upon us! Not only does this mean that you might see frolicking newborn lambs in a passing field, but it also means it’s time for …

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meeting in board room

Brand Awareness Tracking

by Christine Mullan-Jensen

Brand awareness tracking is used to measure the effects of brand building campaigns. Essentially, it is used to find out what consumers think about your brand, your products and your …

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Food Packaging

How Does Packaging Influence Food Choices?

by Alex Hunter

Few would argue that marketing and advertising has gained a deep understanding of the consumer mindset over the last 50 years. We are as well armed as ever to driver …

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People sat at desk conducting market research

Quantitative Market Research Advantages & Disadvantages

by Christine Mullan-Jensen

Quantitative market research is one of the traditional pillars of market research and an essential tool in understanding audience perceptions, behaviours, and relationships with your brand. The success of your …

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woman completing a survey

Types of Market Research Surveys

by Katie Francis

Surveys are a fantastic research tool to find out all sorts of information about consumers and your market. Surveys can be conducted in a variety of different formats, from online …

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