We do a lot of advertising and concept development testing for our clients.  We can also run hall tests for NPD or comparative tastings / trials.


When it comes to qualitative testing, one of the issues when it comes to testing and evaluation is the natural pressure to conform amongst participants which can often lead to group think. .

Our experience here has led us to develop a technology called Spotlight©. It’s a foolproof way to guard against group think, and to allow the moderator and the client in the back room to view everyone’s response, live and in real-time. This allows for the moderator to probe on everyone’s first reaction to get to the real heart of the concept or ad.


Take the example of a brand that wants to launch a new product. They ask a research agency to test some options both qualitatively and quantitatively but the agency finds it difficult to separate two contenders.  What invariably happens is that the client will make a decision based on personal preference (“I always preferred that one anyway”) or non-consumer based insight (“Let’s do that one; it delivers a slightly better margin”). 

To overcome this issue we developed Spark Firestarter©. This process enables us to tell our clients which product to launch based on how likely the new product is to be spoken about. No point in launching the finance director's favourite if the consumers who buy it keep it to themselves.  Firestarter gives our clients the confidence they need to make the right decision.