The debate marches on about whether consumers really tell us how they actually behave. What they say they do can sometimes be quite different from what they really do out in the real world. Groups will get you most of the way to understanding them, but that’s not good enough for us.

At Spark, our obsession with how consumers think and act have led us to develop a range of fascinating techniques to uncover the real Vs reported behaviour.

An example of one of our techniques is Sparklife©

Sparklife©, in a nutshell, is an incredibly rich ethnographic tool that lets you live the life of your consumer, without having to be there.

We use cutting-edge camera technology, originally developed in the medical field, and apply it to consumer research. This technology allows us to view and study an entire day in the life of a consumer in a much shorter space of time.

We’ve used it with amazing success for a number of leading brands in Ireland to understand everything from consumption behaviour, shopping patterns, through to bringing segmentation to life.

To find out more about this amazing technique, see our Britvic case study, or drop us a line to find out more.