The real heart of qual research, and the initial starting point for Spark as an agency. We are true masters and innovators in the qual world.

The bread and butter of any good qually is focus groups, and we do lots of them. However, sometimes standard groups just don’t go far enough.

We’ve pioneered the use of our award winning method - Supergroups© – that have helped our clients better understand their consumer’s behaviours, and delivered far more insightful strategy as a result.

Drawing from a wide array of qual techniques that includes immersive co-creative workshops, team-task dynamics and projectives, as well as bags of energy, Supergroups are an incredibly powerful qual process that deliver far more than the standard group.

They are perfect for a real deep dive exploration of a category, for proposition and concept development, or when there is a wide-ranging brief covering lots of different topics.

To understand more about Supergroups, have a look here at our case study on Birds Eye.