Our expertise

We are a collection of senior researchers and ex-clients who have worked with consumers across the globe. This has given us the expertise to work across an incredibly diverse array of industries and categories.

In the last 12 months we’ve worked in everything from FMCG, retail, media & tech, alcohol, advertising, and not-for-profit.

To sum it up, most of our work usually falls neatly into one of the following: 



2012 Market Research Award Winners in Brand Development and Strategy.
We spend a lot of time with our clients working on brand positioning & evaluation, brand strategy and brand development



2011 Market Research Award Winners in Advertising and Creative Development.
Working in tandem with our clients and advertising agencies to help build amazing brand stories and communications that succeed in the real world



2011 Market Research Award Winners in Excellence in Qualitative Research
We use our collaborative approach with consumers, clients & creative minds as the key to identifying new opportunities, and to bring to life new products and services for the future



2010 Market Research Award Winners in Innovation in Research
We have carved a special niche for ourselves as experts in researching kids and young people on their turf and terms. We’ve helped clients successfully understand and reach these tricky audiences via techniques such as Spark KidsKrib© and Spark Supergroups©.



Shortlisted for the 2013 Market Research Award in Research Excellence
Increasingly we find ourselves carrying out complex, integrated qual / quant work on the ‘shopper’ across a range of categories. Our ‘Ethno Quant’ methodology has been a proven success for many brands and retail clients



Our tracking studies get to the heart of the business and aim to deliver real, actionable insight based on the current shape of the market. We work closely with our clients on a wave-on-wave basis to ensure that we are always measuring what really matters.

Our expertise