Our Vision

Spark’s vision is to lead the research revolution in partnership with the biggest and best clients across the globe.

Our Values

Honesty – We don’t ever sit on the fence – we tell the truth and give you actual insights into what you need to do – because if we didn’t, what’s the point?

Simplicity – We try our best to pull out the really important stuff, spare you from information overload and tell you what’s really important.

Innovation – We are driven to provide creative solutions that yield results for our clients. Listening, implementing change and constantly learning are part of our DNA.

Rigour – We are not a production line. Each and every client research issue is examined, discussed, shaken, turned upside down and discussed again at every stage.

Professionalism – We have worked both sides of the fence so know that professionalism is vital to strong working relationships. Your business is safe in our hands.